As someone who is deeply invested in the safety and care of Des Moines, I work every day to uplift the voices of community members and push for a more inclusive, community centered Des Moines. We have a lot of work to do but together, and with your support, we can find creative, bold, and collaborative solutions to address Des Moines toughest problems.
– Yoshiko Grace Matsui

“Yoshiko brings a depth and breadth of experience as a public servant to the council that is truly needed to solve Des Moines’ most complex problems. Not only does she have experience, but she also has an immense sense of compassion and understanding of our community that would serve well as a Des Moines City Council member.”

City Councilmember Gene Achziger

Why I’m Running

Nearly fifteen years ago, I was renting in Tacoma after moving home from Southern California.  Tacoma was going through a burst of development, and my apartment was going condo.  So, I started a search for a home to buy.  My sister, who lived in Des Moines, said to me “I think my neighbors are getting ready to sell.”  They had just pressure washed their garage doors and she had taken that as a sign of their intent to move.  She was right.  On a visit to the North Hill Neighborhood of Des Moines I walked up the street and introduced myself.  After some negotiation and a few gifts of Boar’s Head hotdogs, I bought the house next door to my sister in 2007.

I decided to get more involved in my local community around 2013 when I got interested in our water provider, King County Water District #54.  I dedicated myself to going to Commission meetings and was elected to the Water District Commission in 2015 by voters here in Des Moines and a part of Normandy Park.

Being on the Water District Commission has given me an opportunity to serve Des Moines and gives me a front row seat to City politics.  After watching our City government in action, I felt compelled to get more involved.  It was disheartening to see our former Police Chief fired with no public explanation then replaced within a matter of days with no public input.  It was disappointing to see our Senior Services unceremoniously outsourced to a private company with no bid, and no public selection process.  It was these instances, and more,  that cemented my resolve to do better for the voters in Des Moines and help cultivate a more transparent and collaborative City Council.

I hope you will join me in continuing the push for a more inclusive, community centered Des Moines.